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About Us

First things first, we are a bunch of guys wearing shorts and Tshirts figuring out how to make your lives even more simpler.
EarPods & bluetooth headphones became more prominent, cause why? Because untangling the earphones was more time consuming and effort taking.
Guess what? This became our mission statement as well as our tagline -

Bluepen: You are not alone!

We are a by the students for the students venture/website who assist you with all sorts of extra load like college assignments, helping in projects, journals, PPTs, black books, report writing, content writing, MBA research papers, final year engineering projects and it goes on. A student's daily life includes a lot of academic tension not allowing them to focus on the bigger picture & be more productive with their time. If you like the idea, please do follow Bluepen and try reaching out to us for your needs and we'll figure out a way