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Our Major Projects

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Machine Learning

1. Credit card fraud detection using deep learning

2. Crowd Counter using CNN

3. Development of Gradient based ANN models for the application of Risk Analysis

4. Driver drowsiness detection

5. E learning drowsiness detection

6. Home loan prediction system

7. Medical Chatbot using ML

8. Melonema skin detection

9. Movie success prediction

10. Product review sentimental analysis

11. Therapy bot using ML

12. Twitter sentimental analysis

And many more...


1. Automatic traffic signal controller using Raspberry pi

2. Autonomous Firefighting bot

3. Covid Chamber using Raspberry Pi

4. Covid chamber using Arduino

5. Electricity energy meter using arduino & ESP

6. Food spoil monitoring system using Node mcu / arduino, ESP

7. Home automation system using ESP (wireless systems)

8. Line follower and object detection bot with hand gesture

9. Military suvelliance Bot

10. PID controller using arduino

11. Soil monitoring and crop recommendation system

12. Solar grass cutter with the help of battery

13. Vehicle accident alert system using GSM module

And many more...

Mobile Apps

1. Canteen management app with sentimental analysis of reviews

2. Clinical trial apps using API using flutter

3. Fitness app using flutter

4. Food delivery app using Java

5. Human activity tracking using android studio and Java

6. Medicine intake reminder using Java

7. Object detection app using ML on flutter

8. Online Book ordering portal using Java

9. Webrtc video call app, with chatroom communication with flutter

And many more...

Our Mini Projects

Hardware Projects

1. LDR Darkness Sensor

2. Laser Security Alarm

3. Music Rhythm Led Flash light

4. Piano Keyboard

5. Rain Detector(will be done on zero pcs board)

6. Touch Sensor on Bread Board

7. Wireless Power Transfer System

And many more...

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